Make it Yours

When I first moved into halls, I arrived with enough trinkets, cushions, and storage solutions to cover every surface. Twice. The longer the year went on, the more objects I’d try to hide in the wardrobes. Trying to find space for a notepad and laptop on an over-cluttered desk proved incredibly difficult, and who really … More Make it Yours

Easy Living

This week I’ve received a few emails from my university telling me that it’s Housing Week. My university provides accommodation for all first-year students, but having spent my first year in halls I was definitely relieved to be moving to a space that I’d chosen myself. Some parts of the process played out as smoothly … More Easy Living

Efficient Essays

Having just submitted all my assignments, I feel like I’ve learnt an awful lot about efficient essay writing. You’ve spent half of your Christmas break staring at blank Word documents and doing your best Ross Geller impression, then suddenly you’ve got thousands of words to write and not very long to write them in. So … More Efficient Essays