Make it Yours

When I first moved into halls, I arrived with enough trinkets, cushions, and storage solutions to cover every surface. Twice. The longer the year went on, the more objects I’d try to hide in the wardrobes. Trying to find space for a notepad and laptop on an over-cluttered desk proved incredibly difficult, and who really has the time to arrange seven throw cushions? This year, I’ve come to accept the fact that I will inevitably reorganise my room once every fortnight. However, no matter how much rearranging I do, some things always remain. Here’s my top tips for accessorising your uni room:


  1. Clear space. Upon moving into your new room, you’ll be tempted to do everything you can think of to make it ‘yours’. While it’s important to make sure you feel at home, try to keep it practical. This applies to desk space in particular. A lamp, pencil pot, and your computer or laptop are the only essentials, in this case. Outside of this, a couple of photos or trinkets is probably enough. You’ll thank yourself when you sit down to write an essay!


  1. Photo grids. Photo grids are a great, minimalistic alternative to notice boards or photo frames and prevent you from having to put holes through anything you want to hang up. They can be a little difficult to get to grips with, but the final look is worth it! I opted for mini-prints to allow me to hang more photos but maintain the minimalistic vibe I was looking for.


  1. Leave room. The more you do at uni, the more you’ll collect. Any ball you go to could have a photo booth, and if you’re like me you’ll be collecting tickets and trinkets at any opportunity. Try to account for this when you’re packing and leave room to acquire new things.


  1. Fairy lights. This can be a risky game. Fairy lights seem like the perfect solution to create some warm, subtle lighting. However, it’s very easy to go overboard – one or two sets is probably enough! They look great on bedframes or hung around a photo grid. If they have battery packs, hang them somewhere that this can be hidden.


  1.  Rugs. Carpets in halls and student housing will ordinarily be threadbare, and a colour that won’t match the bed linen you’ve chosen. (To be honest, it might not even match the walls.) If you’ve got the floor space, I definitely recommend a rug. A rug will help to tie the whole room together in terms of colours and is far more effective in achieving the feeling of home than over-cluttering your desk with houseplants you’ll forget to water.


Make it yours but keep it simple.

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